1: Being a Mindful Dentist

When you start applying mindfulness at your everyday dentistry practice you will reduce stress, find more balance and meaning during your workday, you will gain focus and raise concentration, and you will increase productivity in a very natural way. But if you integrate the principles of mindfulness into being a dentist, that will make you a mindful dentist. 

1: The importance of values

Discover your values and find what truly motivates you, so you can make confident and wiser decisions. You have this exercise available in PDF.

1a: Verbal Aikido

Communication awareness exercises originally adapted from the martial art of aikido by the author and aikido practitioner, George Leonard.

1: How to use Mindfulness to respond to stress

In this lesson we discover how we can transform the stress reactivity spiral into a stress response by closing the stress cycle. We also take a closer look to the role of our everyday stressors and the importance of seeing reality as it is and not as we wish it would be.

1: Walking meditation

One of the things that you find out when you have been practicing mindfulness for a while is that nothing is quite as simple as it appears. This is as true for walking as it is for anything else.

One simple way of bringing awareness into your daily life is to practice walking meditation. Because we tend to live so unconsciously, that we take things like the ability to walk very much for granted.

1: Mindful Movement

10 minutes of simple stretches to provide a direct way for body awareness.

Remembering that it’s very important to be gentle with yourself as you do these stretches, so looking after yourself during the movement.

Let your body decide what’s OK for you, how far to go with any stretch and for how long to hold it, in particular if you’ve got a physical problem with your back or any other part of the body then do consult your physician or physiotherapist before embarking on even these simple stretches.

1: Welcome and course guidelines

We are going to be together for 8 weeks with the goal of learning and develop skills that will help you not only to better manage stress during your everyday dentistry practice, but also to work from a place of attention and flow.

In this first lesson you’ll find the course guidelines and how you can take the most from the course.