Margins - the indirect workflow

Margins - the indirect workflow


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On 13-14 October 2023, 7-8 June 2024, and 11-12 October 2024 Karma. Dentistry organizes the two day Margins course. This two day course will address all things related to an indirect anterior and posterior workflow. We all struggle with indirect restorations. How do we decide our preparation design, how do we temporize, do we scan or make an impressions and how do we bond our indirect restorations? This two day course will help you to gain more confidence in the indirect workflow. After this course you will be amazed by your own progress and results. During this course you will have extensive hands-on time to make sure you feel confident to put your newly gained skills in practice. You will also be able to test out a Bryant dental loupe for the duration of the course.

Learning Objectives After this course you’ve learned:
  • What the indications are for anterior and posterior ceramic restorations
  • How to decide the preparation design for your ceramic restoration
  • How to perform immediate dentin sealing and deep margin elevation
  • How to make lasting provisional restorations
  • How to predictably bond your indirect restorations
  • How to communicate with your dental lab
  • And much, much more…

All information about the course can be found on the course’s introduction page, here.