Karma. x Happynecks® Lumbar antracite

Karma. x Happynecks® Lumbar antracite


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The Karma. x Happynecks for the highest patients comfort


Thanks to its unique shape, the Happynecks® offers maximum support from the cervical spine to the cervicothoracic transition. This ensures optimal comfort and relaxation during treatment.

We use the highest quality skai with a fine structure. The skai is extremely suitable for use in healthcare; durable and easy to clean.

The filling of the Happynecks® consists of the high-quality Pantera foam, which is distinguished by its durability, consistent quality, hygiene and a high degree of comfort. The shape retention of this top product is exceptional.

These special edition Happynecks are a collaboration between Karma. and Happynecks because we believe that the highest quality of dentistry also deserves the highest patients comfort.