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At Karma we believe that education and development are the fundamentals of developing a happier and healthier professional life that has a better balance with your personal life. So we had an idea: let’s start at the very, very beginning and let’s see if we can share our own experiences with dental students at different universities in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

The bus will go on a roadshow with pit-stops at the universities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to provide FREE high quality education to our future dental colleagues.

The evenings will start at 18.00 and will end at 23.00. During the evenings we will host 2 different workshops: A anterior composite course where we teach you all our tips and tricks to make the perfect restoration, and a workshop where we teach you how to implement a new digital smile design protocol with tools that you already carrying in your pocket everyday. We also give you all the tools, materials and software afterwards for free so you can start the day after with your own new journey in dentistry.

If you want to join one of these evenings, register as soon as possible, because we have a limited amount of 30 spots available in the bus.

Are you already a graduated dentist, specialist, hygienist or assistant? Don’t worry, we have arranged some things arranged for you as well.

Please scroll down to take a look at the different options we offer in your neighbourhood, because instead of 1 we host 2 different congresses in the Netherlands! And that said, we are welcoming our dear friends Christian Coachman, Mauro Fradeani, Davide Farronato and Diego Lops to the stage!

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Amsterdam (DSD-Day)

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We are really, really honored to host the only Dutch DSD-Day. Christian is one of the best and most influential speakers in dentistry today. This day will contain a very special program and live-demo. 

On Friday evening we will also host our famous Karma on Tour party in Boom Chicago. Get your tickets here.


oct 2022

The congress

In 2021 we organized our first own congress in Oisterwijk where we took the stage ourselves. To have an international crowd at our first ever congress, that was mindblowing.

So we decided to step it up this year and invite our dear friends and top international speakers to Amsterdam to our second ever congress.

Christian Coachman from Brazil will give us a lecture that may very well change the way we approach our everyday dentistry and explains how the DigitalSmileDesign concept can be very beneficial for every operating dentist, no matter how much experience you have.

Mauro Fradeani from Italy is one of the most famous dentists in the world and very well known for his Minimally Invasive Prosthetic Procedures (MIPP). He will give two lectures to highlight the importance of prosthetic planning, choosing the right materials for different indications and how to apply this in everyday dentistry.

We got in touch with the work of Davide Farronato from Italy for his amazing surgery and photography. Davide is a professor at the university of Insubria and is known for writing numerous articles that are published world-wide. The topic of his lecture is how to manage the soft tissue in the esthetic zone.

When we say rock and roll dentistry, we say Diego Lops. Diego is a dear friend from Italy that has the ability to entertain numerous big dental conferences worldwide and is know for his impeccable skills when it comes to esthetic dentistry, and is assistant-professor at the university of Milan. His topic will be how to plan and execute different esthetic principles in everyday dentistry, and the importance of interdisciplinary treatment planning.

To finish our conference we asked Davide and Diego to prepare something special for us. Expect the unexpected! But most and foremost, enjoy dentistry. And this program will certainly help you with that.


oct 2022

3M & Karma on Tour

Unfortunately, due to circumstances 3M and Karma.Dentistry decided to cancel the events
for 13 and 14 October.

Thursday October 13th 2022

During this hands-on workshop we teach you all the tips and tricks you need to know to perform top-quality, life-like anterior restorations with composite. We will show you how different layering concepts are done, how to implement the use of stains and how to gain amazing surface textures. In the second part we show you how to easily integrate a full 3D digital smile design workflow in your daily practice with easy-to-use tools, tips and tricks.

3M Oral Care’s latest innovations in all-in-one adhesive and adhesive & self-adhesive cementation. Let´s conclude the workshop with a hands-on and a “BATTLE OF THE BONDS”.

Friday October 14th 2022

Biomimetic dentistry is based on nature. In the attempt of recreating what is lost or preservering what is still intact we need to look at the reference, the intact tooth. Biomimetic Dentistry is the restorative dental science which restores damaged and decayed teeth with restorations which conserve the biology (pulp), and restore the function, esthetics and mechanics of an intact tooth. Based on this model, everything else will be towards respecting this organ, and copying it.
Conserving more of the intact tooth is paramount to this approach, which is synonymous with adhesion. Similar to the intact natural tooth, an adhesively-restored tooth is better able to handle and manage functional stresses. A biomimetically-restored tooth eliminates gaps under restorations and cracks into dentin that develop as a result of deformation and stress concentrations, reducing or eliminating postoperative pain and sensitivity and preserving vitality, as bacteria are not able to invade and de-vitalize the tooth.
Main goal of this presentation will focus on the stress-reducing protocols and bond-maximizing protocols which facilitate perfect adhesion. The purpose of using biomimetic restorative concepts and protocols is to increase the longevity of restorative dental treatments and to reduce or eliminate future cycles of retreatment.

Besides dentistry, Freek is also passionated about art, painting, and drawing. Therefore it’s no coincidence that he tries to make a piece of art of every restoration. During his lecture, he will uncover the secrets to obtain life-like posterior composite restorations. For him it is not all about esthetics though. He is well trained in biomimetic dentistry, and tries to achieve the most durable results by implementing this scientific knowledge.

Since graduation Erik-Jan fell in love with minimal invasive dentistry. Working with the high magnification (microscope) and biomimetic techniques became part of his daily routine. Enamel abnormalities and discolorations can be very esthetically compromising, but treatment seemed to be rather invasive (veneers) or with a sometimes unpredictable outcome (infiltration only).
The quest for a successful and reliable treatment of enamel hypomineralisations started in 2014. After experiencing both success and failures with different treatment options, Erik-Jan decided to find the solution in the combination of techniques. Since 2016 a successful protocol with micro-abrasion, bleaching, trans-illumination, infiltration and restoration is used. The biggest secret lies within meticulous analysis of the porosity upon which the treatment protocol will be adjusted.
During this lecture Erik-Jan will give an overview of all the different enamel hypomineralisations that can be treated with the infiltration concept. What rationale is behind the protocol and when do we need to adjust it? What crucial steps will make the difference? Be able to create beautiful smiles and help your patients get rid of yellow or white enamel discolorations. Brace yourself for the finest of minimal invasive dentistry!

In this lecture Maarten will shine his light on working with ceramics in the esthetic zone. With several video’s and pictures he will explain how to predictable treat different esthetic cases. Besides a variety of preparations and different ways of cementing the ceramics he will also explain the necessity of using rubberdam in esthetic dentistry.

Restorative dentistry is hot and happening! The number of dentists who publish their restorative work on social media is growing exponentially. However, very few seem to be able to execute restorative treatments from an holistic and interdisciplinary point of view, and therefore forget that the accountability for a chosen treatment should come from good diagnostics and not for sake of ‘performing the trick’.

Jasper’s dental and musical extravaganza takes you through the factors that should determine the choice of dental techniques, materials and time-frame. It may perhaps change the way you look at everyday dentistry.

More information

  • Location: 3M – ESPE Platz – 82229 Seefeld
  • Parking is possible or take a taxi
  • You´ll receive more information prior the event
  • Credit points: 15
  • Hotel – limited contingent at Hotel Courtyard Oberpfaffenhofen for the nights 13.-15.10. incl. breakfast (€94/night one person & €104/night two persons) – Code: KARMA Dental & 3M Oral Care


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oct 2022


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