Karma stands for dentistry as it should be. Dentistry followed by the word of Hippocrates.
Today’s possibilities are endless, the scientific knowledge is evident and there are so many paths to choose from.
 That’s why making decisions is so hard these days.

It’s our goal to provide you with the best dental courses to guide you in your dental career.

Biomimetic 2022

Biomimetic 2022 From December 24th 2022 until January 21st 2023 The Biomimetic Conference Learn everything there is to know about biomimetic dentistry from the comfort of your own home...

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The human body is a beautiful organism. Beautiful, and very complex to understand. In health-care we should never forget this, and we should always consider the mouth as a...

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Infiltration Online

Infiltration Online Become an Infiltration Master with Erik-Jan Muts (@drs.erikjan) Did you start using ICON but did you have unpredictable results? This course will give you a better understanding...

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Ridges online course

Ridges – Online

Having a hard time creating life-like and functional posterior restorations? Or do you just want to fine tune your composite skills? Well, look no further! With our online hands-on...

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E-School by Sonia Chopra

Do you want to expand your knowledge on Endodontics? We are very proud to present you the full online Endodontic continuing education program for general dentists by Board-Certified Endodontist...

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IAS Academy

The IAS Academy is a global community of world-class teachers and colleagues that have one common goal, to empower dentists to confidently treat their patients with the best and...

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Karma on Tour 2021

The year 2021 was the year of our first Karma on Tour event. Packed in a rock ‘n roll tourbus with flamethrowers and smoke machines, we brought our dental...

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Podcast – Kyle Stanley

In this podcast we welcome our dear friend dr. Kyle Stanley. Kyle is a Los Angeles based dentist that is known for his pioneering work in implantology and restorative...

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Podcast – Sonia Chopra

In this podcast we welcome our dear friend dr. Sonia Chopra. Sonia is one of our favorite endodontists in the world. We love her personality, her enthusiasm, her ‘why’...

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Podcast – David Norré

After two amazing weeks of Karma on Tour, we want to thank all of you with a new podcast that will be available tonight on our platform (with video),...

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Podcast – Jeff Davies

A Podcast with our friend Jeff Davies, owner of the famous Instagram account @biomimeticstudyclub. With his instagram account, he has inspired us and thousands of other dentists to practice...

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Podcast – Rhodri Thomas

Rhodri Thomas. Who doesn’t know him yet? Probably no one has ever won that many “best young dentist” awards, and his parents must be among the proudest parents out...

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Podcast – Giuseppe Romeo

Giuseppe Romeo is a dental technician, has his own laboratory in Turino (Italy), and is a member of the renowned Oral Design group. Besides this honorable achievement, he has...

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Podcast – Simon Chard

In this podcast we have Simon Chard as our guest. Simon graduated from Kings College London in 2012. In 2017 he took over his father’s dental practice, which he...

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Podcast – Céline Higton

In this podcast Céline Higton is our guest. Céline is a very passionate dentist from the UK with a passion for rubberdam and photography. Before dentistry she studied architecture....

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Podcast – Ahmed Tadfi

In this podcast we have Ahmed Tadfi from the UK as our guest. We will talk about the difference between NHS and private, his motivation in dentistry and his...

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In the fall of 2022 the roadtrip continues: Karma on Tour is a customized band-bus containing a presentation-room and room for hands-on courses, orchestrated by our 5 rocking speakers.

The bus will go on a roadshow with pit-stops at the universities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to provide FREE high quality education to our future dental colleagues.


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