Karma stands for dentistry as it should be. Dentistry followed by the word of Hippocrates.
Today’s possibilities are endless, the scientific knowledge is evident and there are so many paths to choose from.
 That’s why making decisions is so hard these days.


It’s our goal to provide you with the best dental courses to guide you in your dental career.

Upcoming events

On October 6, 2023 Karma. Dentistry organizes the second edition of Karma. Café!

The Karma. Café is organized for dentists and dentistry students to come together and talk about dentistry at our beautiful home base in Arnhem.

During this evening our Karma ambassador Nurcan Yilmaz-Vukkink talks about the link between dentistry and professional athletes.



From December 24th 2023 until January 21st 2024 KARMA. Dentistry organizes their first online Digital Dentistry Conference. The conference consists of 8 pre-recorded webinars of approximately 60-90 minutes and one live webinar with Prof. Dr. Markus Blatz on January 20th 2024 at 15:00 CEST.



This year we are organising the third edition of karma on tour!

The tour date has been announced!

December 6, Stuttgart

December 7, Düsseldorf

December 8, Berlin



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